Barcelona Chair by Mies Van Der Rohe: Get Your Top Quality Replica


A Piece of Art in Your Home:

Created by Mies Van Der Rohe and Lilly Reich in 1929 for the Spanish Royalty, the Barcelona chair is an expression of elegance, beauty and comfort. Everything blended in a fabulous piece of art.

That is why you want it, because you want to decorate your home with a real artwork, which was created by two real geniuses of interior and furniture design.

It is an exquisite extrapolation of the Curule chair, a Roman invention, used solely by the Aristocracy. Nonetheless, it uses an even finer sense of artisanship, and therefore, requires better materials and more time.

You are getting a chair that surpasses the standards of Roman Aristocracy, because its inventor took many elements at the hour of designing this chair, from the first prototype to the final result.

That alone allows you to see the immense value of this chair, and why it deserves a space in your home. It will take everything to the next level, like it did since the first time it saw the light.

Van Der Rohe managed to use materials of the industrial era to create something phenomenal that surpassed the expectations of his time. He managed to break standards and frontiers, an unprecedented feat.

The problem is that it is expensive. Too much for most people. Although we recognize that it is worth it, that fact will not make us richer.

Therefore, the solution for you is to get a top-quality Barcelona chair replica, which is something we can bring you!

Learn more about this fabulous chair and why our replica is the best choice for you.

Why The Barcelona Chair?

Its minimalist style and appearance make it a champion for interior design, because it can be the perfect complement for a wide myriad of projects.

Less is more, the legendary words of Van Der Rohe, the man who brought us this fabulous chair that can be yours now, thanks to our top-quality replicas.

As we have seen, he used materials of the industrial age to create something totally different, and that is why it earned its own place in history.

It has the power to transform any space into something unique and captivating, and that is why designers and people like you with exquisite taste love it. Its stunning looks quickly hook you, and that includes anyone who visits your home and sees it. They will fall in love as well.

If you want to bring your home a unique touch, something that makes it stand out from the rest, then you need this exquisite piece of art, because it cannot be defined in any other way.

We put at your disposal many colors, so you can create the perfect experience, because after all, our goal is to help you choose the perfect variant, to match your home perfectly. It does not matter if you need a black or white Barcelona chair, we have it available for you.

Its stunning looks – which are combined with maximum comfort – make it the ideal choice for a wide variety of set ups. Be it a modernist style or something a lot more conservative and minimalist, this amazing creation is all you need.

It is the result of the beautiful marriage of artisanship to modern design; extrapolating a centuries-old concept into something that captivated the entire XX century and keeps doing so nowadays.

Why Should You Choose Our Reproductions?

Because we remain loyal to the authentic design of the Barcelona chair, respecting every single detail, to bring you a chair that:

  • Looks amazing and truly resembles the Van Der Rohe’s ideal
  • Brings you maximum comfort, because it needs to look stunning and make you feel comfortable whenever you use it
  • Brings you plenty of styling options, to match the setup of your home or environment you want to decorate.

Our mission is to offer you the best-quality Barcelona chair replicas in the world, and that is why we use the best materials for every single part of it.

Be it the upholstery or the strong metal structure, we put into play the best materials and plenty of time in artisanship to bring you a product that will hook you from the first moment.

You will feel happy and proud of yourself from the moment you put it in your home, because that is the power of the Barcelona chair, it will make you feel a waterfall of strong emotions.

To prove the quality of our replicas, here are some important details:

  • The upholstery straps sides and edges come in a color that perfectly matches your preferred upholstery color
  • The back cushions and the seat are designed to fit the curve of the frame perfectly
  • Superior quality foam to bring you total comfort, because it adapts to your body and brings you a unique feeling of relaxation. You can use it for several hours with no problem at all
  • The chrome metal structure comes with a beautiful and elegant mirror-finish, which is essential to achieve the authentic look of the Barcelona chair, a sign of the highest quality and purity in interior design.

We make sure to offer you those important aspects, because they are the legit proof of a superior-quality replica. This is something that no other reproduction will ever offer you. Period.

It a complex work of art, design and artisanship, and therefore, it is not easy to replicate. We invest plenty of hours and talent to bring you a product that will make you feel satisfied with your purchase.

Therefore, you can rest assured that we respect the standards of the creator of the Barcelona chair. Thus, you can buy with confidence from us, because you will receive a product of amazing quality. Period.

Bottom Line:

That’s all.

If you have more questions or need help choosing a variant, worry not, because our staff is here to assist you and answer all of your questions!