The Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen: Find the Best Models Right Here


A Forever Classic:

Not all furniture is the same, because there are pieces that outshine the rest, and the fabulous egg chair by Arne Jacobsen is a beautiful and powerful example.

Why powerful?

Because its original and sculptural design has a vibe of empowerment that floods any room, making any space special and vibrant. When it first appeared in the 50s, it broke all paradigms, and therefore, it became a rock star. One of the most prominent representatives of Danish design in the world.

Because of that, many people like you crave to have an egg chair, because it is the ultimate addition in furniture. Nothing comes close to it and you know it very well.

This work is the culmination of Arne Jacobsen’s integrated architecture and design theories, which he used to create the perfect chair for the reception and lobby areas of the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen.

Evidently, it was a homerun and the owners were satisfied, because it achieved the desired result. An authentic piece of art with a powerful vibe, which uses the genius of Jacobsen along with hundreds of hours of research and development.

It brought guests a small space that brought them security, comfort and privacy, even in a busy hotel lobby. Now you can feel the same by getting this excellent creation that will redefine your home completely.

You can replicate the same marvelous effect in your own home, because thanks to our replicas, you can get it for a much lower price.

Because we are aware that these sell for a very high price – surpassing the $5,000 USD mark – but thanks to our replicas, you can get yours for an affordable price, because you deserve this amazing chair as well.

Get Your Own Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair Top-quality Reproduction:

We will not lie to you, it is very hard to replicate the Jacobsen’s total design concept, and that is why not all companies can do it. Fortunately for you, we are experts, and we offer you the best in the market.

That perfect contrast between horizontal and vertical surfaces is extremely hard to achieve, however, our talented artisans and our state of the art processes allow us to bring you a replica that looks and feels like an authentic Egg chair.

Its organic curves are the best proof of its marvelous aesthetics, and worry not, because the total design concept places comfort above everything else. It is embraced to the looks, bringing you a chair that looks and feels phenomenal.

You are getting a piece of furniture that engraved Danish design and style in history, and made it popular all around the world, creating a huge demand that keeps growing year by year.

Such a beautiful and careful work needs plenty of attention and the best resources, and that is exactly what we offer you, and that is why you will be an Egg chair of exquisite quality, we pay attention even to the smallest details.

You can get your own leather egg chairs in three materials:

  • Eco leather
  • Premium leather
  • Danish cashmere

You can also choose between a wide selection of colors, and if you need assistance, only let us know and we will be happy to brainstorm ideas with you, because our mission is to bring your furniture that transforms your home and makes you feel satisfied.

We use the best leather available, because it is essential to bring you the stunning looks and optimal comfort of the original Egg chair. Every detail matters.

You can use it to decorate any space. Be it the living room of your home or a busy reception or lobby, this chair will transform any environment into something richer and more beautiful.

One of the most exquisite pieces of Danish design can be yours, thanks to our world-class replications. You already know it. Just imagine how beautiful it will look in your home. Simply exquisite, so to speak.

Bottom Line:

Now you know all about the fabulous Egg chair by Jacobsen that took the world over and remains as one of the most popular nowadays.

Now you know that you can get it from us at a much lower price, making it possible for you to decorate any space with world-class designer furniture.

Do not wait any longer and get this amazing lounge chair!

If you need help – or have more questions – only let us know, as we are ready to assist you.